A country home design idea of the home makes it more welcoming. It gives a simple, rustic, and conventional feel your amazing home. As your guests enter your household, they will see that it is extremely friendly, welcoming, unpretentious and surreal. You can have it country from your gate to the backyard and kitchen. 

- The kitchen would need you much time and effort to decorate it because it is the center of every house. You can include 1 or 2 French decorated refrigerators. Your counter tops can be located with slate, ceramic titles or marble. You could also select some manual painted tiles.
- The home dining room is the most important part of the home that people meet. It is where you get to enjoy a perfect meal with added discussions and laughter. You can even enjoy with your friends here. Try opting for a big rectangular table. This table can be manufactured of sturdiest wood in the market. It could be made of oak, walnut, pine and mahogany.  Your benches and chairs could also be made of the same stuff as that of your table. In order for your dinning location not to look blunt, you can add cupboard, side board or plate rack to improve your country home design ideas. This will not just be for aesthetic objective but for storage objectives as well.

- As for your bathroom, it should have tones and neutral colors. Mint green or color beige would be best. Go for antique lighting. A pin light with a yellow color tint would be perfect. You can go to market and purchase an antique reproduction cabinet. It would be best for your bathroom country home design ideas.
There may be a lot of costly furniture and appliances you have to buy. Some of which would be beds, sofa, claw foot tubs, French door refrigerators, wooden cabinets and perfect cushion.

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