How to create space to put your things in a small apartment is a hard mission for a lot of people. What you can do to create space and keep your comfort privacy and for the sake of another appliance or a beautiful coffee table? 
I'll show you how to combine a small area and your needs in Smart ways to create spaces.
1. You can use such containers on wheels; they can be put under the bed.
2. Create spaces in your wall by sewing the laundry bag.
3. Hang shelves for books, if you do not have space for a bookcase.
4. Make a folding table, with which it will be possible to save space.
In this example, it is not only a table but also folded board for notes.
5. Create a system of storage of the pipes in the industrial style.
Ideal for notes, baskets with stationery and magazines.
6. Make the organizer for their decorations.
7. Place the door on the shelf for towels
8. Attach the wire baskets to the inner walls of the enclosure and store accessories.
9. Twice hangers using rings of lemonade cans.
10. Refit a box for storage. It is necessary to measure the drawer, insert the two guide tubes, which on an iron rod and will hang things.
11. Make a shelf for shoes with heels.
12. There is also another example of the original wall shelves for shoes. Simple and brilliant
13. Make a folding wall dryer. It is also convenient to hang in shape, especially if you do not put it in the laundry after one workout.
14. Make an overhead table. The ideal solution for those who do not have enough space on the floor.
15. Hang the bags on the door if you have a small walk-in closet.
16. Buy a hanging in the closet organizer.
17. Attach the wire basket under the table for the extension to avoid confusion on the floor.
18. Make wall bedside table that looks compact and elegant.
19. Make a frame for a mirror in which you can store keys and accessories
20. If you have a musical instrument, such as guitar, then there is an easy way to place them on the wall.
21. Household bulletin board, reminders and notes just to make using Office pegs.

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