Having a wooden jetty is a must for people who have sailing boat or yacht. How to make a wooden jetty to reach to your boat for sailing or use it to land from yacht is what I'll talk to you in this post.
Wooden Jetty

How to Prepare for A wooden Jetty

1 - You need to get a suitable design for your wooden jetty including clear dimensions and fixed levels related to water level and land level.
2 - You need to plan your design in the real land or the chosen place to set up your jetty.
3 - You need to know what is the highest level of water along the year seasons to make your jetty deck higher that it by about 20 cm.
4 - You need to make a metal scaffolding in the jetty place to reach to the inner side of the jetty to fix its piles or columns.
5 - Bring your wooden jetty materials or elements and start to work.

The materials of the wooden jetty are:

Metal piles and beams painted with anti-rust paint.
Wooden panels painted with anti-rust paint.
Welding rods with welding machine and some other accessories

Steps To Make a Wooden Jetty

1 - Fix the jetty columns places and start to hammer it till reach to the stable or hard soil in the bottom and reach to the designed level in the top.
2 - Wild the horizontal beams in top of metal columns.
3 - Fix the wooden panels to cover all jetty area and leave some spaces between each wooden panel and other panels to can see water through it.
4 - Repaint your jetty with a suitable anti rust paints.
5 - Fix lighting wooden columns in the outline of your wooden jetty and finally fix a suitable metal or wooden stairs if needed.

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