Renovating your bathroom can be a hard job with much challenging especially if this is the first time for you to do this renovation task. When it comes to renovating a bathroom you need to put some important tips in your consideration to carry out your task well. Here I write you some quick and important tips regarding to your bathroom renovation.

1. Determine your Budget before you start renovation

You need to have a renovation plan including materials, money and time before you start in your renovation project. You need to know how work will proceed. Do you will all work by professional or may you can makes some labor. In brief, you have to know how work will go on regarding to quality, material and money.

2. In your design, hide the toilet from bathroom door view

It's not a good view to open your bathroom door to see the toilet. The best place to put bathroom toilet is by hiding it behind any cabinet wall. Avoid to make your bathroom toilet as a vocal point when you tend to renovate your bathroom.

3. Keep your vintage as it is

May you think to renew all your bathroom elements starting of tiles and plastering to the accessories, but doing that may take you to a wide range of budget and time. So, keep vintages like tiles and work on fixtures and colors as an example.

4 - Consider to use a right lighting scheme

Make sure to use layers of decorative lighting that keep your bathroom well-let in an ambient way.

5. Beware of the standard dimensions of a bathroom

You need to take the required spaces for toilet, doors or other bathroom elements in your consideration when you tend to start your bathroom renovation.

6. Know the proper height for your bathroom sink

Countertops are usually 85 - 90 cm above the floor. However, you need to consider how the sink would take away from the countertop height or add to it. If your bathroom sink is above-counter vessel sink, you will need to lower the counter height to can brush your teeth or wash your hands comfortably.

7. Choose a right vanity for your bathroom

Vanities in bathroom are not only for nice looks. You need to choose a suitable size for your bathroom vanity to avoid messing up with the traffic routes of your bathroom if it's too large as an example. In brief; you need to study it carefully regarding to material, maintenance, color and size.

8. Improve your bathroom look

A well- decorated bathroom gives a pleasant view and comfort feelings. So; give your bathroom a bunch of decorating elements such as placing vases of fresh flowers or some attractive accessories. Give painting colors a great importance to be match with tiles color and other elements.
Taking the above tips into your consideration when you plan to renovate your bathroom, I think will give you a great results that you with be satisfy with it.

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