Open Kitchen Design
Many people feel comfort with choosing an open kitchen design when it comes to choosing a suitable kitchen design for private apartments that are small in areas. If you look a creative and simple modern open kitchen design, here is an amazing example for you. In this kitchen design you will notice that:
1 - Kitchen is a part of the same place with dining room.
2 - Kitchen lower walls are clad by wood which is painted with oil colors to match the whole scheme.
3 - Kitchen countertop and backsplash are of black granite.
4 - Kitchen cabinets are in back side in lower and to parts.
5 - Kitchen design includes suitable electrical outlets for all suggested devices like a microwave.

6 - Dishwasher and washing machine are located under sink side.
7 - Kitchen lights are good designed and vary between hidden lights and spotlights.
Have a look for this open kitchen design to find out how much it may meet your required ideas for your kitchen.

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