When it comes to living room design, we need to make live accent and natural hue appear clearly in your design. We spend most of our time in our homes sitting in living room, which mean that we need it to have good natural light and fresh air, in addition, to match colors either in paints or in furniture.
Here you some tips to put into your consideration when you start to choose your living room design.
1 - If your living room has a terrace area, this is wonderful, but you need to consider enlarging terrace door as your space allows to that.
2 - If your living room didn't have a terrace area considered to enlarge windows as possible, but consider your furniture distribution.
3 - It's recommended to use curtains which consist of many layers to can control on the amount of light that pass to your living room.
3 - Use suitable sofas and chairs but consider keeping a small space between your living room furniture and the walls.
4 - Use a mix of pendant lights, concealed light and wall light to ensure the best light in your living room.
5 - Distribute some colored pillows on your sofas to give a nice personal impression and to use it as much comfort in your sitting times.

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