May your staircase is small and narrow, but you can turn it to an inspiration place that reflect your personality in both life and decor style.
Here I give you one design of our real work. In this design, the owner turned her apartment staircase to an artwork by the simple yet creative way.
In this staircase design the owner asked as to do the following work:
1 - Clean all the staircase steps, then fill any missing parts by cement mortar.
2 - Paint the staircase steps with Epoxy polishing coat.
3 - Buy some suitable big plant pots and distribute that pots in both sides at the start of her staircase, in the middle landing step and in the corridor floor at her apartment entrance.
4 - Re-paint staircase walls with the outdoor whole building paint.
5 - Draw some simple plant shapes on walls and hang up some light appliqués.
Finally, she got a very amazing staircase to her apartment as you see in the photos. Have a look to the photos to inspire you with some decorating ideas for your staircase. 

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