Rooftop Bar Design
The rooftop bar is one of the famous trends when it comes to creating a spectacular place with a panoramic view. This rooftop bar design is so simple and practical enough to turn your sitting in your rooftop to the best relaxation and entertainment level. In my rooftop bar, you will find can create truly breathtaking space on your rooftop. You'll agree with me in that; having a rooftop bar is a fantastic addition to your nightlife scene.
How To Choose a Rooftop Bar Design
When it comes to choosing a rooftop bar design you need to take some notes into your consideration. I'll write some of them here:

1 - Choose the right size for your rooftop bar. Consider its space to the whole rooftop space to don't lose most of your space in your rooftop bar area or choose a small one that can't fulfill your rooftop capacity in occasions.
2 - Choose the right design. Make your rooftop bar shape and materials match with your whole home design.
3 - Put your rooftop bar in a corner or a side of your whole rooftop space, to can use the rest of your space as a sitting area.
4 - Make sure of your rooftop bar functions. Ask yourself if you will need a place for a dishwasher? Do you'll need a place for an oven? How many devices may be you will use in your rooftop bar? Answers will turn you to best rooftop design to meet your requirements.
5 - Don't forget electrical plugs and other electromechanical fixtures that need to be studied before choosing your suitable rooftop bar.

Have a look to my rooftop bar and inspire some ideas for yours.
Rooftop Bar Design

Rooftop Bar Design

Rooftop Bar Design

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