Choosing a suitable outdoor fountain either free standing fountain or wall fountain need you to be aware of some important points. Here I give you the most important points according to landscaping professionals to take into your consideration.
Outdoor Fountain
1 - You need to select the suitable size for your outdoor fountain. Doing that make it looks proportionate to your home spaces and its surroundings.
2 - You need to some important factors when it comes to choosing your outdoor fountain. These factors include matching your fountain with your home style, using your fountain as a focal point or just an accent in your backyard and its proximity to electrical and plumbing sources.

3 - You need to consider maintenance cost and periods which your chosen fountain design will need besides that you need to estimate how much sound it produce.
4 - You need to know the characteristics of fountain materials whether if you will choose to finish it by cast stone, ceramic, fiberglass and metal.
When you think to have an outdoor fountain to be installed in your garden or backyard, you need to consult a professional to make a right choice and find out the equipment which you'll need to operate your outdoor fountain beside that to know how to maintain your chosen fountain.

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