Small spaces are a common problem that we usually face during decorating our rooms. Actually having small spaces prevent us of creating various shapes of decorations; because one is forced to deal with limited space and wants simultaneously to make use of it to produce an ideal decorative atmosphere as much as possible. 
How to Decorate Your Small Spaces
So I will discuss here some ideas that will help you to find out a reasonable solution for this problem and will help you to have the ability to convert your small spaces to marvelous and comfortable resort simply.

2 - Choose Adaptable Furnishings for Small Spaces

Small spaces need pieces of furnishings that are adaptable and have several purposes and functions. This type will help you to use one piece that doesn’t occupy any wide area for achieving many goals. For example, you can use sofa bed that is used for sleeping and sitting, in addition, it may have a storage space inside to store books, clothes, or anything that can be folded. Besides, small tables are good ideas because one may use as a dining table or a desk.

2 - Avoid Excessive Accessories

Make the simplicity your motto. So use only small pieces of accessories simply and symmetrically. For example, you can put one sculptural lamp in a corner to have light and decoration in the same time, while you may place a small synthetic tree that can be decorated by small trinkets; in order to make use of the rest of room area. Again, make sure always that your items have at least double purpose because they will reinforce your theory about simplicity.

3 - Be Bold in Using Colors

Unfortunately, there is a wrong idea which most persons think in. this idea says that dark color makes the room smaller and narrower. Don’t believe it. Small spaces aren’t bad thing, but the really bad thing is the truth that says that light color won’t make your room bigger. So don't deprive yourself of enjoying the beauty of dark paint that create a wonderful ambiance. However, you may paint walls with bold color while ceiling can be had lighter colors.
Ideas for Small Spaces

4 - Make Use of the Vertical Spaces

You may have small horizontal spaces, but look at your ceiling and find out the rest of your room. Now you have an additional area to use. Shelves are ideal to place on the wall till the ceiling so that you can place on them many thing and decorations. Moreover, you can make long frames for windows; because that helps you to feel that you have long walls. You may also use walls for any purpose that makes floor empty and free always, don’t forget that you have a long column of shelves. You can put lamps, books or many things that are light and mobile. You may also install a shelf near of a door to put your keys or papers.

5 - Cover up your Ugly Things

Use a piece of fabric to hide your storage that has an ugly look. You can sew decorative pieces of fabric for this purpose, consequently, when you put this fabric on your storage, it will look attractively. The final aim is avoiding messy shape of the small room, so try to support your decorations and hide anything that doesn’t seem fit.
The above suggestions were some ideas that may assist you to decorate your small spaces and I hope that you find them useful and applicable.  

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