Having great new ideas for a small kitchen is a something a lot of people looks for, as recent days made all homes with small areas and so small kitchens. But what is true is there are lots of small kitchen areas but have amazing layouts that maximize kitchen efficiency and have smart storage solutions.

Some Clever ideas for small kitchens

If you plan a new kitchen with a small area or think of renovating your existed one, here is some Some Clever ideas that you can apply.
1 – Make use of corners: having a small space means that you need to use every inch in your area. If you have an L shape design, make use of corners by adding some shelves or drawers to store your tools instead of letting it as a dead area.
2 - Add mirrors as much as you can: Mirrors gives you a decent illusion that makes your space looks larger than it is and make your kitchen looks more vibrant.
3 – Add shelves to the backsplash: You have to use the wall area above your kitchen countertop by adding some cabinets and some small shelves to store things that you regularly use it to be reached easily and to helps you in your home tasks.
4 – You can create a Counter Bar: Turning your countertop to a bar with tow levels helps you to have eating space beside your preparation space and save your needs to have a table in your kitchen for eating.
5 - Turn your smart ideas to facts: don't be afraid of creating elements that you feel it will fit your space and help you to make use of every square cm.
6 – Good  Lighting is a must: You have to make your kitchen lighting is very good and balanced. So, add some under-cabinet lights beside wall and roof spots. Check also: What To Avoid In A Modern Kitchen Renovation
7 – follow your needs: May now you already know your space and your needs in it or you can try your thought till you find out what suits you and fits your kitchen space. You can divide and organize your kitchen cabinet to make an especial space for everything in a way makes it looks good and easy to be reached.
Finally, you need to write a plan and know your kitchen space to can utilize every inch in it and try all the new Ideas For Small Kitchens you read about ( May in a paper or in a drawing program on your PC ) and then apply what suits your needs and fits Small Kitchens.
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