Having an outdoor shower in your villa or in your home backyard most of the time is a need, not an option especially if you have a swimming pool or your home nearby the each.
To have a built-in shower is a good idea and a perfect choice since it will be last for long years without needing to maintenance. But when you decide to have a built-in shower in your landscape or your home backyard, try to put the following tips in your mind:
New Idea For Outdoor Shower
1 – The built-in outdoor shower have to be in the left or right side of the home itself, but putting it in the entrance of your home garden or anywhere in the front part or putting it in the other side where is the pool or the beach is a wrong choice.
2 – when you choose an outdoor shower, you need to decide its material and design. At this point, it's highly recommended to choose Mosaico plastering as its durability is so high.

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                       Ideasfor Outdoor Shower Design
3 – Choose the shower level to be lower your swimming pool deck level by 45 cm. to avoid that your shower abstracts your view and close the horizon in your setting area.
Have a look at the attached new idea for an outdoor shower to inspire your mind to find out yours.

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