Storing at home is one of the most important processes that every woman needs, and experts recommend to keeping storing at home in a right and intelligent way to ensure that you are comfortable with what you want. The storage process has rules which you have to follow to keep objects that you will store in the right place. Here are the most important guidelines that you should follow when you are storing at home to ensure storing at home is done in a right way that adds a lot to the beauty of your home:
1. Do not store heavy and large objects in high places.
2 - Do not fill the Cabinet of the last, but leave a portion of the space is empty to store some additional pieces later.
3. Objects and tools used continuously are not stored in a place higher than the person's shoulder.
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4. Collect the objects that are related to each other in one place, for example, things for travel or celebrations are stored together in one place.
5. Store objects and tools near their main places of use.
6. Store items that are only slightly used in places as far away as the highest place in the closet.
7 - Divide the vast storage areas by adding shelves or boxes or baskets to make greater use of the treasury space.
8. Take care to use every place in the storage place, such as above and under the cabinets, behind the doors and others.
9 - Use transparent boxes in storage until you know what is inside without opening them, and paste labels on each box indicating what is inside.
10 - Check periodically for stored purposes because the weather is constantly changing "hot - wet - cold - or the presence of some insects," which affects what I store.
Applying these tips ensures you a comfortable atmosphere at home, providing effort and space and adding a lot of extravagance to the beauty of your home.

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