Many of us suffer when looking for places to storage in the kitchen, often because of the lack of kitchen space and not enough to accommodate all the necessary kitchen tools, cooking materials, storage and the like, which if not find innovative solutions, will make your kitchen in a very bad and not arrange Which makes it imperative to reach innovative ways to storage in your kitchen that makes it a convenient place, practical and comfortable.
New ideas for storage in your kitchen
Here are six innovative ways, as well as being inexpensive, they help you find good storage space adds to your kitchen a lot of efficiency and order that reflects on your whole lifestyle:
1 – Have you thought of making the perfect use of kitchen cabinet drawers? Why do you leave it without a system? Each drawer represents a good space for storage in your kitchen but leaving it to be filled of all shapes and types of tools without a system is our common misuse. And this makes the appearance of the drawers' looks annoying and even harmful if you think of looking for a tool in the drawer.
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The magic solution is to split each kitchen drawer with small dividers and then categorize them according to your kitchen utensils. For example, one for trolls, another for spoons and a third for knives and so on. This idea, though simple, will provide you with plenty of space, order and a comfortable feel to incorporate your kitchen. Note the idea in the following image.
 2 - Look at your kitchen and well thought out, you will find that the spaces of many untapped before you think of, one of these areas the part behind the kitchen basin, when you do not benefit by placing a luxury or dishwashers or something of this kind provides you with space For storage in the kitchen or give an aesthetic addition to the kitchen. See, for example, the following picture for understanding the idea.
3 - There are currently in the market many easy and cheap tools that can be effective in the arrangement of tools in the kitchen of dishes or cups or other, look at some of them as in the following picture and a market researcher like to be in your kitchen.

4 - The cupboard in the kitchen is very important, think well and reconsider the division and arrangement, whether adding the inclusion or breaks. But in all cases keep in mind that the most used is the closest to your hand for storage in the kitchen cabinet.
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5 - The area of the basin in the kitchen of the vital areas in your kitchen, and the part located below the basin must be of interest to you, and the best that can be devoted to this part (bottom of the basin) is cleaning tools and kitchen waste, and allocate this place for garbage and storage cleaning tools But cleverly and beautifully. You can see in the following picture how space has been used in a very beauty and operation at the same time.
6 - Refrigerator is a basic component in any kitchen, and the part above is usually a neglected place, do not waste this space in your kitchen but use them to put a shelf unit for storage or listing and looks aesthetic adds much to the beauty of your kitchen.
In general, keep in mind that your kitchen is comfortable for you while you are in it, and think well of exploiting each part in a way that combines functionality and aesthetics at the same time and gives you plenty of space to store in your kitchen.

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