It is important that we clean the house so that we have a clean and comfortable place for the same comfort and tranquility for everyone, surely home cleaning requires time and effort and you may have to make some mistakes as a result of rushing to do some work and desire to get a clean place before returning Family members, but you must be careful before cleaning so as not to fall into these minor errors which may cause deformation in the house, so we will show the most common mistakes in home cleaning to be aware of and avoid.

1. Cleaning the glass on a hot day
We are supposed to clean the glass periodically, but it is wrong to clean the glass on a sunny day or at high temperature because the cleaner used to clean the glass will dry very quickly and leave a glass impact affects the overall view, so prefer to check the temperature before cleaning.
2. Rub the spilled liquids onto the carpet
By the nature of the living, spills may occur on any carpet, especially juices. Some women rush to rub the carpets too much, believing that they keep the carpet clean and remove the stain. But this is one of the most common causes of carpet damage and deformation. Clean and then dry the liquid and it is best to change the cloth until the effect of juice is gone completely, and do not decompose the carpet completely, and after making sure the dry spot you can treat the stains using an appropriate method of removing stains from the carpet.
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3. The use of some natural materials without knowledge of its dangers
Every lady likes to use natural substances in home cleanings such as lemon and vinegar. This is very good, but it is wrong to use lemon and vinegar to clean all things without knowing the effect of these materials on some surfaces, they may hurt over time. So you need to try them first in a small area.
4. Antiseptic is not found in most detergents
It is normal to always look for an antiseptic cleaner to get rid of germs found on most surfaces, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. If you want to do both things, make sure you clean the detergent, clean it up and then use the appropriate disinfectant.
5. Use the wrong tools for the cleaning process
Use of some non-suitable cleaning tools, such as the use of a rough sponge to clean plastic pots, ceramics, and glass, may cause damage or deformation. This can be avoided by using a soft sponge to maintain them. The coarse sponges are well suited to the bottom of the dirty soils.
6. Use the wood cleaner permanently
The old furniture needs to be constantly moisturized and attention to this was the role of detergents of wood, which consists of oils and waxing moisturizing, and the furniture at the moment requires only a cloth slightly wet and clean the surfaces of all the dust, because it is covered with a layer of buffer to maintain it.
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7. Excessive consumption of detergents
Detergents may be sprayed in a concrete way in order to increase cleaning and get a better result, but this may cause the cleaning process to be obstructed and difficult to get rid of. Besides, it is necessary to moderate the use of detergents to get a good result.
8. Clean the oven while it is cold
Some ladies may prefer to clean the oven, when it is cold, believing that this is the best, but it is better to clean the oven and it is warm so you can get rid of the accumulated fat.
Home cleaning needs time and effort, especially if it offers love, if you do this for your children and your home do so with all the love to reach the best result.

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