We all know that the successful choice of home paint colors ensures a real success in producing the home decor in the best picture, but also know that these choice home paint colors do not come easily or randomly, but after studying the trails and efforts of the decorator and owner at the same time. Here I'll talk about some important points you should keep in mind when you get to the stage of Pick your home paint colors.

Tips to Pick your Home Paint Colors Correctly
The choice of home paint colors should be subject to a logical arrangement that has been agreed upon by the experiences and studies so that we reach the best results. This process can be explained by the following points:
1 - Choose your favorite colors before you buy any kind of furniture, or in parallel with the selection of colors of furniture in a way that ensures you a perfect harmony between the colors of your home and furniture in each room.
2 - Choose the colors that suit the function of the place or room. In the sense of choosing a good number of colors that allows the allocation of color suitable for the kitchen are different from the color of the appropriate paint for the bathroom, and also different colors suitable for the main bedroom or children's bedrooms.
3 - Do not rely on the colors of catalogs when choosing your home paints, but take samples of any color you choose and then apply the color on the part of the wall, and then decided the next day whether it is appropriate or choose a degree lighter or darker than the degree that lined the wall until Reach a comfortable choice for you.
4 - Some prefer to choose the colors of furniture first, and then take a piece of fabric upholstery of mattresses to choose the colors of the walls. This method is good but ensuring that there is no future need to change the color of your home furniture.
5 - In each room choose a wall to be the paint of the main color or focal point in the room, while the rest of the walls of another color in line with the color of chosen focal color.

6 - In children's rooms always choose colors that carry vitality and bring joy for your kids because it is best suited to your children's activities and help them to accept their rooms for both study and play. Red, pink, or yellow are the most suitable colors for children's rooms.
7 - Make the choice of color paints in partnership with your family members, and be careful that everyone in the family is completely satisfied with the choice of colors in his/her room.
8 - Think and see the new and attractive colors of your relatives or friends or in the decor sites, but when you reach the stage of selection, choose what is comfortable for you and what suits your taste and taste of family members. Do not be an imitator in your choices, but rather a creative to choose one for you.

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