In spite of the constant cleanliness in the bathroom, but over time it is possible to notice the yellowing of the bathtub, which is upsetting whenever we see this view. It is great to have a bathtub in the highest whiteness and cleanliness that gives comfort and acceptance when bathing in it.
Here if the yellowing bathtub causes a problem you can find the solution. The solution is in simple steps brought to you in the following way.
How to get rid of the yellowing of the bathtub
We can make sure to get rid of the yellowing of the bathtub in an easy and inexpensive way and it takes no more than half an hour. To do this, prepare the following materials:
- Sodium carbonate (soda ash) + Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
 - One litter of pure vinegar + suitable bleach.
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To remove yellowing of the bathtub and after you got these raw materials:
1. Mix a tablespoon of sodium carbonate (soda ash) with a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
2. Spray the bathtub with water.
3 - Rub the body of the bathtub, especially the places where yellowing the previous mixture equipped in step (1).
4 - Leave the bathtub for 10 minutes in which a solution of vinegar (50 g) and bleach (50 g).
5 - Spray the solution on the body of the bathtub, especially in places of yellowing.
6 - Leave the bathtub for half an hour and then rinse with normal water.
After you rinse the bathtub with water, you will feel the difference when you notice the yellowing disappears.

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