Actually, renovation of the living room can be done by simple touches or small changes and needn't a comprehensive change of furniture or paints. Your experiences and daring to go out of the ordinary may help you a lot in renovating your living room in simple steps I remind you here some of them.
Simple steps guarantee you to renovate your living room
1 - Adding natural flowers is a magical tool to bring renovation and vitality to the place where it is placed, so do not miss the opportunity. And even if you use some beautiful natural flowers, make sure to fit it's the size and place of your living room.
2 - Changing the covers of the mattresses with colorful new covers in the living room with some colorful cushions cleverly comforting them brings a sense of the vitality of the place and gives a sense of the spirit of change and activity in the space.
3 - Do not mind the use of some of the furnishings with strong prints such as animal skins and scattering some accessories on the dining table in a smart way. Doing this gives a strong impression of the beauty of your home and the sense of change in your home.
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4 - Use a transparent glass table in your living room, this glass table will make a huge difference because it gives a sense of the breadth of the place and reduce the mass of furniture, as well as a decorative piece not only adds to the beauty of your living room but adds to the beauty of your home completely.
5 - Try to add to your living room floor a classical carpet that will make a strong difference in the space.
6 - Decorative lighting units is one of the powerful tools and economic addition to the aesthetic touch of the place where placed.
7 - Change the color of one wall - may be the largest wall - in the living room with adding artworks to be focal points in the place, or changing the color of the paints in the hall or even the color of one wall can renovate the whole place.
8 - Use the decorative light applique smartly and light colors to get a sense of renovation.
9 - Mirrors and artworks are a powerful tool to renovate the place and give it a second dimension reflects a feeling of renovation.
10 – Rearrange the furniture in the place even if not add or removing achieves the aim to renovate the living room.
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11 - Review the furnishings and accessories of your home with a close eye to make you able to discover what may give a sense of chaos and lack of order to get rid of it and add a sense of arrangement in your living room.
You can be a skilled designer for your entire home and not just for the living room. All you need to try, diligence, trust in your senses and your ability to get comfortable, and do not forget to share your family with you in the decision and choice.

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