May You are one of those who are keen to choose their home decor by themselves, but there are many mistakes that appear after the final design of the decor, and unfortunately these designs cannot be undone and modified, which costs a lot of money, effort and ultimately do not get the form that they dreamed of it. To avoid this, you should avoid 10 mistakes you may do it when choosing a home decor:
1. Paint walls before buying furniture and accessories
When choosing a home decor design, we strongly recommend that you do not rush to choose the colors of your home decor, because this is one of the most important decisions made in decor, and it is difficult to realize that it is difficult to change one or the other. Changing the place of an artifact, so you have to be careful when choosing the appropriate paint, preferably choose the furnishings and accessories room first, and then choose the colors of the paint.
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2. Color inconsistencies when choosing a home decor design
 The color consistency plays an important role in the mood of the person. It is advised not to multiply strong colors such as red, blue and green, and can be painted all A room with more than one color, which gives vitality to your home after the completion of the design of the home decor.
3. Design home decor with bad lighting
One of the most common mistakes in terms of lighting is high lighting or dim lighting, due to the poor selection of lighting places, and forgetting the fact that lighting is the symphony that plays the melody of interconnections between the colors of the room And furniture, so we must choose the lighting that suits the colors of paint and furnishings, and you should take your time to carefully research.
4. The size of the furniture is larger than the size of the room
The size of your room furniture is suitable for the size of the room. This is what you should select exactly when choosing your home decor. It is advisable to measure your room dimensions before you start to choose the furniture and its size.
5. Choosing a room design leads to congestion with furniture
As the furniture is simple and not so many, it is reflected in the calm and psychological comfort, but some may choose many pieces of furniture, slippers, chairs, etc. In contrast to being taken into account when the bedroom furnishing to leave some places to walk freely Inside.
6. Choosing a design of home decor and neglect of nature
Some people may neglect to decorate their house with plants and roses when choosing the decor of the house, while when you are careful, these plants and flowers will make you feel that you live in a green garden and enjoy the scent of nature and beauty.
7. Discard sound insulation in the TV room
Be sure to avoid metal furniture and hard surfaces. When you choose your home decor, it may sound like a sound to your TV or other devices, where there is a lot of noise.
8. Do not use mirrors when designing a home decor
The use of mirrors helps to feel spacious and should be used in light-colored rooms or windows, but choose the right mirrors
9. Hang photos in an inappropriate place
Be careful not to place Photos in suitable places, not high and not low, and that the photo size is appropriate for the size of the wall.
10. Do not be slow in choosing a home decor design
When designing your home decor, you should be careful about it and choose what suits you because the rush can lead to a lot of time, effort and money to make any modification to the design. Let it be the principle or rule: look, think, choose what suits you.

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