The distribution of accessories in the living room is a fine art. Fortunately, the living room is one of the most places to give you the freedom to put accessories in various forms and types of paintings, pictures, mirrors, Floor lamps, and many more. However, each type of accessories has a suitable place to give the desired shape. So we offer you the best ways to arrange accessories in the living room so that you get the best result.
The most important elements of living room accessories
Art paintings: Paintings and artwork are placed above sofas this is the perfect place to put them as a suitable accessory for the living room. But it is necessary that the painting is not a large size or small, but be measured about two-thirds of the couch.
Also, hang the painting at the level of consideration so as not to be higher than the level of the person sitting on the couch corresponding or not below on the vision so when you hang it placed above the level of the upper part of the couch by about 8 to 10 centimeters. Some people prefer to hang a group of pictures, but in this case, the paintings or pictures are placed away of each other by at least 2 to 3 centimeters.
Candlestick: Hanging the candlestick is the same as the way the paintings are placed, which is chosen according to the size of the wall. Therefore, if you do not wish to put the candlestick at a high level, then the best solution is to put it in the eye level.
If it is preferable for you to put the candlestick on both sides of the mirror, a distance must be left between the mirror and the candlesticks. Also Read: How To Pick your Home Paint Colors
Curtains: It's the most beautiful accessories with its beautiful materials, but there are some mistakes where many people are hanging curtains so that they are short not touching the floor, but the best way to hang curtains is to touch the ground.
Television: Television is the center of attention in the living room so prefer to put the TV screen at the eye level of the person sitting on the couch. The rule of modern decoration may be hanging television at a high level, but this may hurt the viewer. The television should also be placed at a healthy distance that does not cause harm to the viewer.
Decoration plants: It is possible to use natural plants or artificial plants to decorate the living rooms, but provided that their size is proportional to the room space. When the room is small, do not use large plants so as not to cause tightness. If the room is large, you are free to use the plants, but also on condition that it matches the proportion of light entering the room if it is natural plants.
Carpets: If the color of the furniture in the room is a fixed color, it is necessary to break the base of the same color by choosing carpets of the type of multi-color provided that the colors match the colors of the rest of the furniture of the room.
Antiques & sculptures: One of the most attractive shapes in the accessories is the artifacts and sculptures of the art of what stands out inside the room of luxury, but the attention to the size of the masterpiece so as not to occupy the room in the cause of congestion, also must pay attention to the place where the masterpiece should not be placed The masterpiece is in a place that does not fit in size so that it is easy to fall from this place.
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Floor Lamps: Floor lamps are placed in living rooms to enhance the lighting and give a beautiful shape to the room. So the best place to put the floor lamps is on the small tables next to the sofas.
However, when distributing accessories in the living room, the following must be taken into consideration:
- Do not put any long accessories in the middle so as not to obscure the vision and do not cause chaos in the place.
- Do not cram the narrow rooms with many accessories as to help the room looks more spacious.
- Select the size of accessories in proportion to the space allowed by the room.
- When the living room is narrow, it is preferable to use transparent accessories that give a hint of the breadth of the place.
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